Published in the Los Angeles Times on November 1, 2009.

Ron Anastacia
Ron Anastacia
Ron Anastacia
Ronald J. Anastasia, 67

Ronald J. Anastasia died on October 20, 2009, from a long-term illness.

Ron's academic background was in experimental and cognitive psychology (U.C. Berkeley & Harvard), theoretical physics (U.C., Berkeley), and appropriate technology & system dynamics computer modeling of complex systems (MIT). His Ph.D. (AbD) was in Humanistic Sciences with a focus on the interactions between consciousness changing practices and the development of sustainable values and lifestyles in the context of the world problematique.
Ron Holding Banner
Ron on Left, Holding Banner
Early Sit In
Ron at Early FSM Sit In

He was a member of the Steering Committee of the Free Speech Movement [FSM] during the 60's at U.C. Berkeley, where he graduated with High Honors. In grad school at MIT he was the Founding Director of the Appropriate Technology Group at MIT.

He founded several small high-tech companies during the 80s and early 90s in areas of personal computer training, holistic healthcare and appropriate technology. His ventures included the world's largest personal computer training center in the early 80s, a widely-used computerized holistic health blood analysis method during the middle 80s, and in the early 90s a photovoltaic R&D company which set a new world's record for solar cell efficiency using high-energy lasers for dopant implantation.

He has worked closely with architect Paolo Soleri at Arcosanti, an experimental arcology in central Arizona, and he wrote the Introduction to Soleri's coffee-table book "What If? Collected Writings 1986-2000."

Ron was the Founding Editor of SCIY (Science, Culture and Integral Yoga), a webzine which in four years has grown from its 4 founders to over 25,000 viewers monthly located in 80 countries.

Ron is survived by his wife, Kim Anway-Anastasia; his father, Horace Anastasi; his brother, Brian Anastasi; and various cousins, nieces and nephews.

A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, November 7, [2009] at 12 noon at Forest Lawn, Church of the Hills, 6300 Forest Lawn Drive, Burbank, CA. All are welcome to attend. Organizations for memorial contributions will be announced shortly by the family.

NOTES:  (1) All words in blue (except that one) are from the LA Times. All comments by me (W.F. Nisbet) are in black. All the photos are from the internet and are available to anyone, apart from the Beverlega yearbook photo (top right), and the screen capture (bottom left) from the documentary Berkeley In the Sixties, available from NetFlix. Ron appears several times in that video.  (2) Ron was known as Ronald Anastasi in high school. He is noted as Ron Anastasi in several FBI surveillance photos available on the internet. Sometime in the early sixties he added the "a" on the end of his name. Note the "a" is not present in the names of his blood relatives above.

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