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Beverly High School Class of 1960


(A speech by Kathy Healey on the occasion of our 41st Reunion, July 28, 2001)

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Congratulations on jobs well done! In reading the information sheets that were returned and the sharing of some of the telephone and e-mail conversations, the reunion committee learned much of what all of us have been doing all these years. In our midst, we have businessmen, deans (law school and liberal arts), former employees of G.E., Ford, NASA, and various other high tech industry, consultants (one who would rather be teaching the third grade again), and entrepreneurs (both men and women).

We are also doctors and nurses (one classmate had to settle for L.P.N. rather than R.N. because of her grade in high school English, and then was chosen as the most outstanding student in her class and was on the cover of its graduating program). Teachers are many, most likely because of the wonderful teachers we had all those years ago. One, after years in another field, was named "Teacher of the Year", his second career after retirement. Another wrote about learning to live in the South and discovering the "War Between the States" wasn't something to study in history class!!

Many chose not to write about the events in their lives regarding careers or personal accomplishments, but focused instead on their families. One said the high point was marrying his wife, and another gave credit for his many professional achievements to the strong support of his wife (another teacher). So many mentioned their children and the happiness they had brought them, and the joy of being grandparents (one is a great-grandmother).

Many things shaped us. We were the children of those who had grown up during The Depression and had fought, as Archie Bunker used to say, "The Great War, World War II. From them we learned life's greatest values, particularly caring for others. And we have done this in many forms---serving our families and friends, our communities and society as a whole. Raised to share our time, talents and energy, we are definitely pre-baby-boomers! Our high school years certainly shaped us. Almost as much as our teachers and the support they had from our parents, we were shaped by the continuous corridors and the pre-class walks on the second floor. So many mentioned the walks and how we saw everyone!

"Life's been good; I'm very fortunate," was what one classmate wrote. So the accomplishments have been many, wide-spread and varied. We've each and every one contributed, be it great or small, and mainly done it quietly. ("I Did It My Way") In the years ahead, please continue to give of your time and energy; there is still much to do. And, please take good care of yourselves. To all of you---love, luck and laughter (much, much laughter!).

Kathy Healey was a Co-Chair on the "40 + 1" 41st Reunion Committee.
This was a speech given by her during the evening of our 2001 reunion.
Kathy was a Co-Chair on the 45th Reunion Committee, too!

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