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Beverly High School Class of 1960

First Annual "Picnic in the Park" - July 27, 2001

Do You Have Any Photos of This Event to Share?

by Bill Nisbet

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mvc542.jpg mvc532.jpg mvc534.jpg
Joanie Fairbank,
Donny & friend
Joanie Fairbank, Rose Ann Galluzzi,
Jimmy George, Ronnie-Sue
(Fireman) Katz, Bill Nisbet
The Class of 1960
mvc535.jpg mvc539.jpg mvc545.jpg
The Class of 1961 Jimmy George and
Rose Ann Galluzzi
The Ryan Brothers
John and Allen
mvc540.jpg mvc541.jpg mvc544.jpg
Al & Diane (Johnson) Ryan,
(back-to unknown)
Mostly BHS Class of '61 Billy Lemire, Dave Guinivan,
(name?), Peter Tosi, Al Ryan,
Steve Gasperoni
mvc546.jpg mvc547.jpg
BHS '61 Chorus Line
(Names, anyone?)
Diane (Johnson) Ryan,
(Forbes), ????
Nancy (Craig) Boucher,
Ann M. Mahoney,
Ray and Doreen Charland

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