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Beverly High School Class of 1960

Second Annual "Picnic in the Park" - August 02, 2002

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Photos by Bill Nisbet and Ann M. Mahoney

Right Here at Lynch Park???!!

Can it be...?

You decide!

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The "Picnic in the Park" was no picnic in the park. It looked like rain, and it was sprinkling on my windshield leaving West Boxford. When I got to Beverly it was a lot brighter and not raining at all, but starting to cloud up. By the time some people were accumulating, it started to sprinkle. We were standing around the parking lot with umbrellas, resembling a Mary Poppins convention for a time. Someone pointed out that it was dry under some trees, off in the distance, where there were picnic tables. There was no sign of lightening, so we went over and were able to sit around and talk for at least an hour or so, before a little squall came in with some serious rain.

There were seven (7) people from the Class of 1958, nine (10) from our class, and a few from the Classes of '59 and '61, and that was it. I don't know if anyone from the Class of '62 was there. Too bad about the weather, because I thought there would be many more than that. It could be the attendance was up last year because the Classes of 1960 and 1961 were going to have a reunion then. I wish I knew it was the weather for sure. The people that were there really enjoyed themselves. To venture forth in threatening weather meant they really wanted to be there.

I appologize for the blurriness in some of these images. The Sony FD88 won't handle any movement in dim light. (Bill Nisbet)

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mvc062.jpg mvc063.jpg mvc064.jpg
Bob Pinciaro, Lenny Roberts Bill Stanley, Tony DiVincenzo '59 Barbara (Williams) St. Peter '58, Donald Axelrod '58, Betsy (Black) Benham '58, Georgia (Bunk) Drinkwater '59
mvc066.jpg mvc067.jpg mvc068.jpg
Dr. Dave Alexrod '61, Dr. Al Nunes, Ann Mahoney, Rudy & Pat (Swift) Gajdosik Donna (Roscoe) Winslow, Kathy Healey, Pat (Swift) Gajdosik, Bill Nisbet Donna (Roscoe) Winslow, Kathy Healey, Pat (Swift) Gajdosik, Bill Nisbet
mvc069.jpg mvc070.jpg mvc071.jpg
Kathy Healey, Russell Hannibal, Bill Nisbet Mostly '58
Betsy '58, Barb '58, Bob Pinciaro '59 (talking to Barb) and Henry Betts '58 - Dick Kelly '59 and Dave Morrill '58 (with backs to camera)
Mostly '59
Barb (Anderson) Kelly and Dick Kelly in foreground, Bob DePiero under umbrella with Mr. & Mrs. Fred Gabriel
Mr & Mrs Fred Gabriel '59, Paul Weinberg '58

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