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Beverly High School Class of 1960

Third Annual "Picnic in the Park" - August 01, 2003

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Photos by Paul Weinberg, Bill Nisbet and Ann M. Mahoney

 Photos by Bill Nisbet '60 & Ann M. Mahoney
 Photos by Paul Weinberg '58
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From the Salem News, Thursday, July 31, 2003, under Homecoming Tomorrow: "Picnic in the Park: 5 to 8 p.m. at Lynch Park. A class reunion picnic for Beverly High School classes of 1958, '59, '60, '61 and '62. Oldies concert by George Haile."

Actually, this year was better than last year (also rained out) even though this time it was raining before anyone got there. I think the event was a success, considering the weather, because those that showed up in the rain really wanted to be there. You can see everyone smiling in the images.

Dolores (Tognacci) McCallum came all the way up from Florida for this. There were other people present of whom neither Paul nor I took a photo. Sorry, I do regret not having a photo of everyone who was there. Perhaps someone can identify the single unidentified person? Thanks!

A few of us went over to George Haile, who is quite good as an entertainer, and thanked him for his efforts. He was playing to a large, empty, rain soaked field, as the rest of us were congregated in the parking lot over one hundred yards away. We could hear him quite well, just the same. Thank you, George!

Notes: If you have any photos from this event and would like to see them posted here, attached them to a message to the Webmaster. Also, if anyone that attended this event would like to have their comments posted here, simple email them to the Webmaster at the bottom of this page. No BHS Class of 1960 funds were spent on this event.

Also from the very same Salem News, Thursday, July 31, 2003: "Who's a behind the scenes person that everyone should know?

"The dedicated Kathy Healey. Healey has been a Homecoming volunteer longer than anyone - 27 years. She began when she was working as a secretary at the Chamber of Commerce, which used to run Homecoming, and has stayed with it ever since. She runs the raffle, which in a good year can raise as much as $7,000 for Homecoming.

"'I just enjoy it,'" she said of her longtime involvement. 'I see people during Homecoming that I don't get to see the rest of the year. It's a chance to socialize. Some people will only buy their raffle tickets from me.'"

Kudos to Kathy Healey, who is Co-Chair of our BHS Class of 1960 Reunion Committee!

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Photos by Bill & Ann

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image

mvc495.jpg mvc496.jpg mvc497.jpg
Bill Nisbet '60, rest are '58:Dave Morrill, Hank Betts, Paul Weinberg, Tony Bonjourno Dave Morrill '58,
Dolores (Tognacci) McCallum '60
Kathy Healey '60,
Ann M. Mahoney,
Donald Axelrod '58
mvc498.jpg mvc499.jpg mvc500.jpg
Paul Weinberg '58, Bill Stanley '60, Hank Betts '58, Tony Bonjourno '58 All '60: Anne Couhig, Dolores (Tognacci) McCallum, Rosalie (Pinciaro) Kerr, Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole, Bill Stanley All '60: Anne Couhig, Dolores (Tognacci) McCallum, Rosalie (Pinciaro) Kerr, Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole, Bill Stanley
mvc501.jpg mvc502.jpg
Kathy Healey '60, Peter Vaccaro '60, Shelia Vaccaro Rowena (Robinson) Flynn '60, Larry Robinson (brother), Lenny Roberts '60

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Photos by Paul Weinberg '58

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image

pw007 pw016 pw005
pw007.jpg pw016.jpg pw005.jpg
Chuck Erabino,
Paula (Tognacci) Erabino,
Sharon (Andrews) Flynn
Sharon (Andrews) Flynn,
Mike Szczesny '59
Bill Nisbet '60,
Ann M. Mahoney,
Donald Axelrod '58
pw003 pw002 pw008
pw003.jpg pw002.jpg pw008.jpg
Bill Stanley '60,
Hank Betts '58,
Tony Bonjourno '58
Dave Morrill '58,
Dolores (Tognacci) McCallum '60
Rowena (Robinson) Flynn '60,
Bill Stanley '60,
Kathy Healey '60
pw011 pw013 pw015
pw011.jpg pw013.jpg pw015.jpg
Dave, Hank,
Tony, Dolores
Barbara Roberts,
Lenny Roberts '60,
Bill Stanley '60
Paula (Tognacci) Erabino,
Bob Kerr '59,
Rosalie (Pinciaro) Kerr '60
Chuck Erabino

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