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Beverly High School Class of 1960

Our 2001 "40 + 1" Reunion - July 28, 2001

Digital Images From Sony FD88

by Bill Nisbet

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(Sorry About Quality - FD88 not good in low light conditions)

mvc548.jpg      mvc549c.jpg      mvc550.jpg      mvc551.jpg
Dr. Fred Kitterle
Doreen (Thomson) Charland
     Bill Stanley
Gordon Weeks
     Rowena (Robinson) Flynn
Susan Allison
Ray Charland
mvc552.jpg      mvc553.jpg      mvc555.jpg      mvc556.jpg
Charlie Moser
Elaine Frazier
     Ann Mahoney
Primilla (Bailey) Young
Kathryn Healy
     Jim Moses
Jim Moses Music
     Typical Table
mvc557.jpg      mvc558.jpg      mvc560.jpg      mvc561.jpg
Typical Table      Typical Table      Typical Table      Typical Table

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mvc562c.jpg      mvc563.jpg      mvc565.jpg      mvc568.jpg
Donna (Roscoe) Winslow
Lookin' Good
     Jimmy Robichau.
Nancy (Craig) Boucher
Tommy Predka
     Kathy Healy
Awards Prize
Money to Bill Cook
     Kathy Herself Wins
Basket of Booze -
Like She Needs It
mvc570.jpg      mvc573.jpg      mvc578.jpg      mvc580.jpg
Setting Up
the Raisinettes
     Neil Whittredge Leads
the Raisinettes
     Joannie Fairbank
This Image
Says It All!!
     They Have No
Idea What's
Coming Up Next
mvc582.jpg      mvc583.jpg      mvc584.jpg      mvc586.jpg
Gordie Weeks
as Hula Line
     Jim Moses
Sets it Up
     Anita (Maistrellis) Buchanan
Walks the Line
     The Crowd
Goes Wild!!

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mvc587.jpg      mvc588.jpg      mvc589.jpg      mvc591.jpg
Do You See      Anyone Not      Having Fun?      Joyce (Bixbee) LaRoe
Fearless Leader
Della (Tanzella) Beaulieu
mvc594.jpg      mvc598c.jpg
Hinda (Katz) Sterling
About to Square Off
With Don Aucone
Paul Rhuda on right
     Don Aucone
Billy Lemire

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