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Beverly High School Class of 1960

"Wenham Kids" Photo Page


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Sandra Cole, Nancy Smith,
Nancy Abbott, Pamela Fitzgerald,
Judy Haszard, Paul Noren
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Paul Noren, Shally McCarron,
Unknown, Unknown, Unknown,
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7th Grade
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Who's Who
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Jr. High Graduation
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This one for caption
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Margot Burke & Dick Russell(?)
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Brownies, 1950(?)
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Upper left l to r, 1 Pam Fitzgerald, 2 Joanne Dodge, 3 Nancy Abbott, 4 Martha Wildes, 5 Sandra Cole; second row l to r, 6 Bob Ireland, 7 Charlie Fiory, 8 Linda Publicover, 9 Mary Brennan, 10 Paul Noren; third row l to r, 11 Joe Wilcox, 12 Sandra Mills, 13 Joel "Pete" Stacy, 14 Charles Moser, 15 Rick Birkemose; forth row l to r, 16 Gregory Jon Adams Hill, 17 Judy Haszard, 18 Nancy Smith, 19 Nancy Gray, 20 Karen Knowlton; fifth row l to r, 21 Sally Wigglesworth, 22 Rodger Armstrong, 23 Judy Hodges 24 Shelly McCarron, 25 Judy Davis; last 26 Judy Pierce.

[Photos Courtesy of B. Harting Unless Otherwise Noted]

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