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Beverly High School Class of 1960

Photos Submitted by Your Classmates

These Are From Charles (Freddie) Gabriel

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Ryal Side Scouts     Eighth Grade #1     Eighth Grade #2
Troop 6 at Immanuel Congregational
Church, Ryal Side
    My 8th(?) Grade Class #1
Slow Loader But Worth It
Unidentified girl is Gail Carson,
according to Scott Woodman. Also,
is this 8th grade for sure?
    My 8th(?) Grade Class #2
Slow Loader But Worth It!
[John Craigen (left of Guy Crosby)
Carol Mulvanity (to the right) per
Nancy (Craig) Boucher] Unidentified
girl upper right corner is Martha Joseph
per Prim (Bailey) Young.
Virginia Beach Home     Freddy on Steady Steed
Fred & Patti, Now Married
35 Years, at their Virginia
Beach Home back in 1988
    Marlboro Man - NOT!
Fred says, "Can you believe
the difference 14 years has made?!"

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