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Beverly High School Class of 1960

Our 2005 45th Reunion - August 27, 2005

Reunion Photos - Page 1 of  4

Photos Shot by Rowena (Robinson) Flynn, Processed by Ann M. Mahoney

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If you would like me to email you a larger version of a given photo simply tell me the photo ID, such as hpim1962, and I will email it to you. Poise the cursor over the image for a moment to get the ID.

Rowena (Robinson) Flynn was a member of the BHS Class of 1960 45th Reunion Committee, in charge of Publicity. Among other things, on the night of the reunion she took about 140 photos. A good percentage of them are on this and the next three pages in this series. Hats off to Rowena! Rowena was also the person who brought the New Life Band to the attention of the rest of the committee, and suggested them for the reunion. She also designed and created the photo IDs from our yearbook pictures, that you can see many people wearing in the following photos.

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pic ID hpim1959 pic ID hpim1960 pic ID hpim1961 pic ID hpim1962
Jimmy Barton Mrs. Roy Husson '59 (Fran), Mrs. Lenny Roberts John Longval,
Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole
Bill Stanley,
Jimmy Barton
pic ID hpim1963 pic ID hpim1964 pic ID hpim1965 pic ID hpim1966
Bill Nisbet,
Ann M. Mahoney
Barbara (Dumphy) Hoar, Mrs. William Stanley, Rose Ann (Galluzzi) Hadley David Young,
Primila (Bailey) Young
Tom's daughter Gloria Bailey, Thomas Bailey

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pic ID hpim1967 pic ID hpim1971 pic ID hpim1969 pic ID hpim1970
Prim (Bailey) Young,
Jimmy Barton,
Rowena's sister Diane Robinson
Barbara Roberts,
Victor Bernson,
John Longval,
Lenny Roberts,
Andy Stackpole
Fran Butler '61,
Nancy (Gray) Butler
Mrs. Gunter Mueller,
Nancy & Fran Butler
Ryal Side Daze Really, It's Me Sweethearts Forever
pic ID hpim1972.jpg pic ID hpim1973.jpg pic ID hpim1974.jpg pic ID hpim1975.jpg
Vic Bernson,
John Longval
Sean McCarthy Sean & Virginia (Pitman) McCarthy Jane (Lavoie) Frechette,
Sandra (Hubbard) Atwood

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Joan Lives in Canada Spouses Love Reunions
pic ID hpim1976.jpg pic ID hpim1977.jpg pic ID hpim1978.jpg pic ID hpim1979.jpg
Linda & Gunter Mueller John & Maryann "Chickie" Warner Joan E. Heaney-Levesque & her sister-in-law Lee Deluca Philip Frechette
Why is all a blur? Chow Line! Me & Mrs...Mrs. Jones
pic ID hpim2045 pic ID hpim2046 pic ID hpim2047 pic ID hpim2048
Carol (Warfield) Weeks, Gorden Weeks Barbara & Lenny Roberts, Dave Hackett, Judith Haszard Curtis E. Jones, Jr., Susan Jones Dave Hackett, Judith Haszard

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I am Smiling!
pic ID hpim2049 pic ID hpim2050 pic ID hpim2051 pic ID hpim2052
Bruce R. & Gisela Turner Diane Robinson Roberta (Sigman) Jones, Jean (Santin) Norman Susan & Curtis Jones
High School Sweethearts "New Life Band" "New Life Band"
pic ID hpim2053.jpg pic ID hpim2054.jpg pic ID hpim2055.jpg pic ID hpim2056.jpg
Pinky (Emo) Rhuda '59, Paul Rhuda Fay (Nyland) Somes,
Al Somes
Three out of Six Two More Members

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